Top Adjustable Beds Comparison

Astrabeds – ErgoStar Evolution
The Astrabeds Evolution was a happy surprise. As I researched this model and spoke with the customer service team, I found this model is by far the best value out there. The Evolution comes with a fully featured massage unit and comes pre programmed with the zero gravity position. It has a massage timer that can be set to 10, 20, or 30 min; it’s the most varied I found! They only thing that surprised me more than the list of features on this model was the starting price. It had the lowest starting price of all the models I researched, and rated up there with the most expensive in quality. If you are looking to buy an adjustable bed, no matter your price range, definitely take a look at this bed.


S-Cape by Leggett and Platt
The S-cape by Leggett and Platt is a high quality bed that definitely helps Leggett and Platt deserve the recognition of being the top maker of adjustable beds. This adjustable bed comes with all the basic features, and in addition has a built in massage function as well as the wireless remote. The only thing that I found that would steer me away from this model is the full featured prices, even though it doesn’t come with all the features.


Prodigy by Leggett and Platt
While the S-Cape may help the Leggett and Platt deserve status as the premium Adjustable Bed Company, the Prodigy model ensures that no one can come close to that title. The Prodigy has every feature you could think of. The only place the Prodigy is lacking is pre-programmed positions such as ‘zero gravity’. However, it more than makes up for that with the 4 different possible programmable positions and the added snore feature that is exclusive to only the top models. I found the best starting price through Their customer service was more than helpful in answering all my questions and they provided comparison charts and a full breakdown of features. The Prodigy is also the only bed that can be controlled via an iPhone or iPod by a downloadable app. So if you want the best of the best… the Prodigy is the way to go.


Simplyrest – Signature Select
This bed is by far one of the top values I could find. It comes with programmable buttons that can save your favorite position. It also has the movable legs and headboard brackets, and comes with features such as a built in massage and battery back-up. the only place this bed is lacking is in the pre-programmed positions, the only function it has is the flat button. Because it doesn’t have the zero gravity or a reading/watching TV position, it’s definitely not the best out there. However, it is definitely one of the top beds out there, and it sure is priced right.


EasyRest Adjustable Beds – Premier Model
Similar to my experience with Craftmatic, when I called EasyRest they refused to give me any information concerning pricing. In fact, they claimed that they did not have the prices. This lead me to ask how they are able to help their customers when they want to purchase an adjustable bed…. They had no reply.
Again, resorting to the website for information I was able to find most of the details about the adjustable bed, though there were a few things that weren’t very clear. However, based on my findings it is a much better quality bed then the Craftmatic, though still one of the lower quality units available on the market. While I was able to research the quality, I was unable to come to any conclusion on the value, as again I was unable to find anyone capable of giving me a price.


Craftmatic – Model I
I called Craftmatic through the course of trying to find information on their manufactured Model I adjustable bed. During our conversation they refused to provide any information concerning a base price, would not transfer me to anyone who could help, and did not provide a number that I could call for that information. All they could do was “take down my number” and pass it on to management.
Unable to get any information over the phone, I resorted to searching their website for details about their beds. All I was able to find was the scarcest of details; I actually found more information by doing a quick google search and reading other reviews published by other companies.
But all in all, from what I found of the Craftmatic Model I, is that it is a fairly basic model. While the model I does have a few features that set it apart from “bare bones” models, it is by far the worst of all the adjustables I reviewed.
The only way I could recommend getting this bed is if it is being given to you, for free.


TempurPedic – TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System
The Tempur Advanced Ergo System is definitely a high quality adjustable bed, only eclipsed in terms of quality by the Leggett and Platt Prodigy. The only issue here is paying a premium for the brand and not getting the best quality and value for your money. While this may seem worth it at first, once you realize that this bed has even less features then the Prodigy, it makes no sense at all! The TempurPedic website was fairly helpful and I was able to find most the information about the specifications without too much trouble.

Sleep Number – FlexFit PLUS
The Sleep Number website had certified information on their bed, but was not very detailed. I had to contact their customer service to answer most of my questions. They were helpful in answering my questions, but you could sense they were not well informed about adjustable beds. The Sleep Number FlexFit Plus is a good quality bed, but most definitely not deserving of the price they give it. $1999 was the starting base price (Queen), putting a full $300 as the next lowest priced bed I looked at, and they both have more features.