What is the Best Sealy OptiCool Memory Foam Mattress?

Sealy OptiCoolAre you considering the purchase of a Sealy OptiCool Memory Foam Mattress to pair with your adjustable bed? We’ll give an overview of the mattress itself as well as suggesting smarter alternatives like Amerisleep.

What is the best Sealy Opticool memory foam mattress? It’s a fair question given the company’s Opticool model line spans five choices – the Destiny, Radiance, Inspiration, Vibrant and Elation – and runs a gambit of physical specs and special features.

Sealy is one of the leading companies to introduce gel-infused memory foam mattresses as solution to heat retention problems that have plagued standard polyurethane-based memory foam mattresses since their introduction. The Sealy brand’s Opticool mattresses are among the finer choices available, even comparing to Tempurpedic and other top names in the industry.

But the key problem with buying any Sealy Opticool mattress is the polyurethane base that remains even with the introduction of supposedly cooling gel beads. Heat retention has been one of the most often cited complaints with memory foam since its inception. The body contouring effect supports the body in a way that cannot be matched with traditional innerspring mattresses, but in the same process it eliminates air spaces between the body and mattress.

This inherent heat retention is multiplied by the chemical nature of standard visco-elastic memory foam. Factor in the high cost of Sealy Opticool memory foam mattresses – thousands of dollars in most cases – and the question is less what is the best Sealy Opticool memory foam mattress and more why is it I wanted to buy a Sealy Opticool memory foam mattress.

Fortunately, there is a more-than-viable option available. Amerisleep offers environmentally-friendly green memory foam mattresses that sleep cooler are more comfortable and long lasting. To top it off, Amerisleep memory foam mattresses are also less expensive than most of their industry counterparts.

A Carhill study has shown that plant-based memory foam mattresses, just like the high quality models offered by Amerisleep, sleep 25 percent cooler than gel memory foam mattresses. That is a significant difference. Unfortunately, the study did not analyze the difference with traditional memory foam – without gel beads – but it’s not hard to assume the difference would be even more dramatic.

Consumers don’t have to worry about giving up comfort and support to sleep greener. Amerisleep mattresses are held in high regard by loyal customers who love the 20-year lifespan of these sleep systems. During that time, users can expect to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of memory foam, including relief of back pain and poor circulation.

By avoiding high cost advertising campaigns and brick and mortar showrooms, Amerisleep is able to hold overhead costs down and pass the savings on to customers. This way, you can get all the features and high points of Sealy Opticool memory foam mattresses without having to break the bank.