Purchasing Adjustable Beds with Medicare + Insurance: What You Need to Know

An adjustable bed is an investment. Despite the obvious benefits to your health, affording an adjustable bed may not be possible for many without financial assistance. It’s possible for adjustable bed users to be reimbursed for their purchases, typically occurring through Medicare over insurance. There’s additional factors to consider when determining whether insurance can help finance adjustable beds.

An adjustable bed functions similarly to a hospital bed, allowing the user full range of control over both head and foot portions. Unlike hospital beds, adjustable beds boast aesthetic design and modern units have additional features such as massage. Pairing your adjustable bed with an approved memory foam mattress allows for exceptional pain relief, offering relief over a wide range of medical conditions.

Do you have a legitimate medical claim? Don’t expect any available financing options if you’re primarily purchasing an adjustable bed for comfort, legitimate medical needs are required in all cases. First determine the validity of your claim, assistance from insurance is difficult to secure regardless of a doctor’s order. Be prepared to prove how an adjustable bed would medically benefit you and offer pain relief to your provider.

There’s an assortment of applicable medical conditions that benefit significantly from the everyday use of adjustable beds. Those with heart, breathing and digestive ailments will find immediate relief, their adjustable beds offering improved circulation and improved pain relief. Generally, any disorder that falls into one of these categories stands a better chance of being financed by insurance.

Medicare does not typically cover the cost of adjustable beds, not recognizing them as a medical necessity despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. However unjustly attributed to cutting cost, there’s little changing Medicare’s stance on adjustable beds. With proper doctor documentation, Medicare will cover smaller hospital beds following a required process.

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