What Are The Coolest Sleeping Memory Foam Mattresses?

coolest sleeping memory foamAre you looking for the best mattress to pair with your adjustable bed? One of the most popular options is finding a memory foam mattress that sleeps cool. You might be surprised to learn that one of the coolest sleeping memory foam mattresses comes from Amerisleep.

Ever since their inception, excessive heat retention has been a problem plaguing standard visco-elastic memory foam mattresses. It is a situation that has had many consumers wondering, “What are the coolest sleeping memory foam mattresses?”

Finding an answer to that question can be difficult amidst the noise of advertising associated with these highly sought after sleep systems. An excessive amount of brand choice also hampers the decision making process by inundating consumers with a confusing array of options. What are the coolest sleeping memory foam mattresses? It’s enough to send even the most ardent consumer running for the hills.

To get at the best option available for cool, comfortable sleeping on a memory foam mattress, it is important to first understand the problem. Memory foam mattresses are most appealing due to a unique body contouring characteristic that hugs the user in fully-supported cloud-like suspension.

This happens because memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive. When body heat warms the sleep surface it softens and slightly absorbs the user’s form. This experience provides both ultimate comfort and significant therapeutic value for sufferers of many ailments from a bad back to poor circulation. But it is also the root of the memory foam heat retention problem.

Body contouring, it seems, also eliminates the small air pockets that exist between the user and sleep surface of traditional innerspring mattresses. Without these spaces, naturally occurring warmth is trapped and cannot dissipate. The chemical nature of polyurethane-based memory foam doesn’t help either, as it does not aid in eliminating residual warmth.

When asked, “What are the coolest sleeping memory foam mattresses?” many people will respond with an answer concerning the newly available generation of gel-infused memory foam mattresses. These mattresses were specially designed by the top memory foam mattress brands to address the heat retention issue.

Gel-infused memory foam mattresses work by drawing surface warmth into the core of the mattress where it is dissipated and cannot cause discomfort. It works to some degree and is definitely better than standard visco-elastic counterparts at ensuring comfortable sleep temperatures are maintained. But it’s not the best, or even most affordable, option available.

Barely a handful of innovative retailers like Arizona-based Amerisleep are offering a truly different approach to regulating body heat while maintaining the body contouring appeal of memory foam. Plant-based memory foam is superior in drawing body heat out of the comfort zone and rendering it harmless. A recent study by Cargill found plant-based memory foam slept 25 percent cooler than gel memory foam.

You’ll sleep cooler with plant-based memory foam and you won’t have to sacrifice comfort, performance or durability. Amerisleep brand green memory foam mattresses are also typically priced considerably lower than other top memory foam brands because they keep overhead low by avoiding expensive marketing campaigns and passing savings on to the customer.