How To Assemble An Adjustable Bed


If you have just purchased an adjustable bed, or plan to, you will need to know how to assemble it. That may be intimidating to some who have only considered the health and lifestyle benefits of having an adjustable bed and not how to get it erected.
Adjustable beds are dynamic pieces of equipment that provide a full range of movement to ease the user into many positions designed for maximum comfort whether sleeping or participating in another activity such as work or television viewing. Many adjustable beds also come with additional features like massaging action. But all of this does not mean you need to be a rocket scientist in order to assemble an adjustable bed.
You will find that, despite appearances, adjustable beds are really no more complicated to assemble than the average flat bed. Follow these simple tips and your brand new adjustable bed will correctly assembled to serve you:
Read all of the instructions. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people are guilty of skipping this step and missing a critical tip or instruction that ends up haunting the effort in the end. Take 20 minutes to read the manual; it may save you hours of unnecessary work and frustration in the long run.
Spread everything out and ensure that all required pieces are present. Before you begin to assemble the adjustable bed, clear the space where you want to place it and put it together there so it does not have to be moved.
Before attaching anything, measure the mattress so that you will know exactly how wide and long to set the bed frame. If using a memory foam mattress, this may require that the mattress be set up a couple of days prior so the memory foam can have ample time to fill out.
Lay the frame out in a rectangular pattern with the longer and shorter sides respectively parallel. Attach at appropriate points and make sure you tighten evenly. Instructions will advise on necessary procedures for connecting electronics and power.